tirsdag den 31. august 2010

League of Legends VS Regular Defence of the Ancients VS Heroes of Newerth

As i stated in my last blog post, i prefer HoN over LoL. But i do actually prefer LoL over regular DotA.
LoL might look more cartoony, but there is also more potential in LoL.
The thing i love the most about LoL is the way you have to play in order to get better things.
Those are the "weak" points of HoN and DotA, as everyone have the same opportunities.

When this is stated, i really enjoyed playing DotA when it first came out.
My favorite hero in DotA was defiantly the blood hunter.
I loved the way he could outrun any opponent with less than 30% life left.
I stated my favorite LoL Champions in the last post.

So this is where i need my followers help. I would like some advice about which heroes to pick in HoN, also along with links to guides about these heroes.

-Master Yi

4 kommentarer:

  1. How is having equal opportunities a weak point in a game?


  2. I believe that people should be rewarded for their effort. That's how it is a weak point.

  3. I like HoN the best. I gave LoL an honest shot, but it felt so slow and carebear'ish. It was like the kiddy version of HoN. Never really got into Dota, so can't comment on that.