tirsdag den 31. august 2010

League of Legends VS Heroes of Newerth

I have been playing both games for a while, and have come to the conclusion that HoN is defiantly better than LoL. The graphics, the interface, even the gameplay is so much more genuine in HoN.

League of Legends

Also, i would like to state my favorite Champions in LoL when i finally do play:

Master Yi - If played right, this champion can be very powerfull
Urgot - The ultimate DPS. It can hurt like hell, and the countdown on his damage skill is so low that you might kill a weak enemy in 5 seconds
Fiddlesticks - Once again, if played right, this can be one hell of a nuke!
Annie - Also one hell of a nuke

Heroes of Newerth

I don't really have any favorites in HoN, but i like the general gameplay

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  1. I like LoL more myself.


  2. I'm more of a MW2/BFBC kind of guy. Much prefer the now defunct UT3 though for imagery. That and it takes me back to the good ol days.


  3. HoN is better of course, but LoL is good too... IMHO.

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  4. I kind of disagree here. I don't like playing mundo, but it may be because of my playing style. Also, he is freaking annoying with that healing skill :O

  5. sound good, have a look at mine!

  6. Aha I've heard about these games so much, but never got a chance to play. I'll need to check them out

  7. Quite frankly I don't like either of them, DOTA forever.